Anti-Skid Surfacing

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  • Hitex Textureprint Type 1 Thermoplastic High Friction Surfacing System (Compliant To Clause 924)


    Hitex Textureprint Type 1 Thermoplastic HFS is a hot screed thermoplastic skid resistant treatment consisting of a polymer modified binder with encapsulated high PSV calcined bauxite and mineral extenders. The system can be applied all year round and is suitable for application on road surfaces with a texture depth of between 0.5-2.0 mm.

    Hitex Textureprint Type 1 Thermoplastic HFS provides a high textured and durable surface, typically 5 – 6mm thick, and is available in Chinese or Guyanan Grades, which can be pigmented for specialist applications. For permanent colour retention it is recommended that coloured Sibiline Chinese Calcined Bauxite is specified.

    Hitex Textureprint Type 1 Thermoplastic HFS is designed for rapid and reliable application on all high stress sites:


    • sharp bends
    • approaches to roundabouts
    • pedestrian crossings
    • road junctions
    • slip roads
    • other hazard sites







    Physical Properties

    • Relative Density 2.00 ± 0.05
    • Installation Temp Range 0 ± 35°C
    • Application Temperature 190 ± 10°C
    • Safe Heating Temperature 230°C





    • HTS Type 1 is approved under BBA HAPAS Roads and Bridges Agrément
    • Certificate No. 05/H119 and installed by BBA approved applicators.




    Binder Specification

    The properties of the binder are designed to conform with the requirements of Table 1.
    Binder Specification:- The properties of the binder conform to the requirements of Table 1.

    Table 1

    Property Test Method Specification
    Softening Point °C BS 2000 Part 58: 1988 100 ± 5° C
    Flow Resistance BS 2499 Part 3: 1993 No Flow
    Flexibility ASTM D3583 (Mod) No surface cracking or crazing



    The encapsulated coarse aggregate is Chinese or Guyanan Bauxite with a minimum PSV of 70 and AAV of 4. The grading of the incorporated aggregate and extenders shall conform to the requirements of Table 2.

    Table 2

    Sieve Size 4.75mm 3.35mm 2.36mm 1.18mm 600mm 212mm 75mm
    % Passing 100 95 55 – 75 20-40 20-40 10-20 10-20



    The material shall be applied transversely across the road surface using a screed box with a suitable trailing edge allowing the encapsulated aggregate to be evenly distributed. On an average textured depth of 1.5mm the coverage rate shall between 11.00 – 12.5kg/m² (80 ± 90m²/tonne) and finished to give an even, durable and textured surface free of lumps and other blemishes.


    A visual check is made on the installed surfacing to determine any discernable fault in the application and to determine the properties of the applied surface.

    Material Performance

    The properties of the installed Hitex Textureprint Type 1 Thermoplastic HFS are designed to conform to the requirements given in Table 3.

    Table 3

    Parameter Typical Value BBA/HAPAS Type 1 Spec
    Sk Skidding Resistance 73 – 78 65
    Te Texture Depth 1.6 1.4 mm
    EE Tensile Adhesion 1.0 0.5N/mm
    Er Erosion Index Zero 3


    Further Information

    Additional information is available in the product Safety Data Sheet and Installation Method Statement or by contacting the following:

    MacLochlainn Roadmarkings Ltd, 21 Prospect Road, Dublin 9.
    TEL. 01 830 9833
    FAX 01 830 9526

    The information given in this technical specification is based on experience and available data at the time of issue and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, no warranty is made or implied that the information is complete and no liability will be accepted whatsoever arising out of the use of this information or the products designated herein.