Road Markings

  • Thermoplastic Roadmarkings

    MacLochlainn Roadmarkings offer a range of thermoplastic road markings includes screed, spray, extruded and profiled line markings.

    • Ribline – provides wet night visibility and gives acoustic/vibratory warning to the driver when driven on. Effective and consistent ‘rumble-strip’ for all applications.
    • Extrusion Grades – allow you to achieve thermoplastic lines accurately whilst applying at rapid rates. The perfect solution for re-lining surface-dressed roads and new asphalt.
    • Spray Grades – create high performance reflectorised lines on major highways through a high speed, high temperature pressurised spray application, such as markings at busy major junctions.

    Preformed Thermoplastic

    Preformed thermoplastic are a truly flexible road marking system.
    Preformed thermoplastics allows you to apply your own thermoplastic road markings without specialist mixing equipment or application expertise – simply assemble the prefabricated symbol and heat onto the surface using a standard propane gas torch.
    The flexibility associated with preformed thermoplastic means that virtually any size of road marking, symbol or design can be created in a high performance, durable thermoplastic road marking.

    Typical Applications:

    • Road Marking Symbols – Produce with ease good quality lines, letters, numbers, arrows, cycle lane symbol markings, disabled bay car park markings, factory floor markings and more.
    • Road Marking Signs – The clear, crisp finish and reflective properties of PREFLEX ensures the road marking message is communicated to the driver in the most effective way possible, without them lifting their eyes off the road.
    • Playground Markings – Brighten up playgrounds with fun and educational games such as hopscotch, snakes & ladders, compass clocks, cycle proficiency tracks.