Solar VMS Signs

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  • Solar Tech Changeable message displays

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    The Silent Messenger and the Silent Messenger II are identical in all aspects… except for size. Programming and software are identical. Display modules are identical except for size. We use the same LEDs, the same fasteners, wiring, solar panels, batteries, plastic fenders, etc. Display cases are constructed of the same custom aluminium extrusion and custom rubber mouldings. Best of all, you get the same reliability and performance.

    The Silent Messenger

    • Designed for use on multi-lane highways 126″ wide X 76″ high display
    • Totally Solar Powered for trouble-free performance
    • Environmentally desirable
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • Reduced cost of ownership
    • Backed by a solid warranty
    • Full matrix/moving graphic display
    • Quick programming
    • Celluar remote programming

    The Silent Messenger

    Ideal limited space application & municipalities 92″ wide x 54″ high display